symbol used in smartphone charger

Symbol used in Smartphone Charger- Home symbol, V-symbol, cross symbol

All types of charges have a standard symbol draw in the charger box. We should notice that symbol for better charging and safety purposes.

1. Home Symbol

This home symbol indicates that this charger is only designed for home uses or only for home supply voltage or it can be operated on 220 volts to 240 volts, not on high voltage.

Home symbol for smartphone charger
Home symbol for smartphone charger

2. (V) symbol

This (V)symbol also printed on our mobile phone charger and sometimes we read this alphabetic letter V. But it is not alphabetic letter V, it is Roman number five and this symbol indicates your mobile charger ‘power supply efficiency’.

Basically it is a standard level of chargers printed on mobile chargers. Mostly at the European companies level, 5 is standard level but some companies charges have level 4 efficiency.
This symbol is sometimes not printed on local charges.

V  symbol for smartphone charger
V symbol for smartphone charger

3. The crossed dustbin mark

The dustbin mark indicates that the user cannot throw it anywhere because it is a part of an electronic product that should be thrown at e-wastage only. but we never mind it and throw a faulty charger anywhere in the dustbin or in an open area.

cross dustbin symbol
cross dustbin symbol

4. Double Square Symbol

Double square symbol used in a smartphone is the symbol of the insulator. If you look at your charger carefully you will get to see the double square symbol. This symbol indicates that the wire inside your charger is double insulated. That is, the charger has been designed in such a way that the wires inside the charger should not touch the case and the advantage is that if the wire inside the charger is loose or broken, So we can say that this is a kind of safety symbol that tells you that you and your phone are safe and that there is no way to make any kind of current. But if you take a local charger then you might not have seen this symbol there.

Double insulator  symbol for smartphone charger
Double insulator symbol for smartphone charger

5. Symbol of BIS

This BIS symbol indicates that your charger is well tested by every standard quality level and you and your mobile phone are totally safe. We can say in easy language this symbol indicates certification mark of your charger, it is original and quality charges everything is designed with the standard level.

BIS  symbol for smartphone charger
BIS symbol for smartphone charger

So you guys are aware of these simple symbols it can help you many times.
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