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Have you lost or forgotten your Windows password? Here’s how to access your PC as an administrator and find out which user you want to reset the password of your pc. There are various options and utilities that make it possible to gain access to a computer with a lost password. There are different tools and utilites in search engine but most of them are paid but we have a solution without any cost.

some step need to be done before reset your password. Read carefully the step and do the basic task.
1. Click the link here PCUNLOCKER
2. Download the zip file which is 198MB .
3. Extract zip file.
4. Open rufus and make bootable pendrive of pcunlocker.iso file

Next and important step.
1. shutdown the pc or laptop completly.
2. start the pc and press F12 for boot option and select USB device for boot
3. Select the user which you want to unlock the password.
4. put password which you want
5. Its done now remove pendrive and restart pc or laptop.
6. Enjoy.

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