Top 15 Most Useful Software for Computer

Here are many software out there for your PC, some are free and some use and important software are paid but is there any free useful software for computer users. I will tell you about Top 15 Free Software for New Computer that every computer expert or professional, computer geek must know this computer software is really helpful for daily use as well as to run pc better and faster.


Some of Software are listed below:

Media Player –  VLC

VLC media player

The VLC media player is the best media play in computer software. It supports all types of codec file and updated frequently for security reason. It is light and used for all types of media.

Download: VLC Media player

Search Engine – Chrome / Firefox

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Google chrome is an easy and fast search engine in this era. High number of user are mostly used google chrome for internet surfing. It has all types of extension and add-in if you want to download.

Download: Google Chrome 


Morzilla firefox

Morzilla firefox

Firefox is developed by Mozilla Corporation. It is user friendly and easy to used. It is also used by many users for internet surfing.

Download: Mozilla Firefox browser

Office Suite – Microsoft office

microsoft office
Microsoft office

Microsoft Office is used to do daily task activities like reporting, calculation, designing, and lots of things. It is the best tool for office as well as students to document. It has many tools like word, excel, PowerPoint, ms team, skype, and many more. It is built by top corporation Microsoft.

Download: Microsoft Office

File Compression and Extraction – Winrar / 7 zip

win rar

Winrar is the most used file compression and extraction tool for window user. Many user use this tool to compress their file.

Download: Win RAR 

7 zip
7 zip

7-zip is another type of compressor and extractor tool used for pc free of cost. It supports many types of file format and it is easy to use. Most of the new pc has also inbuild 7-zip.

Download: 7 zip

Pdf Reader – Adobe reader

Adobe reader
Adobe reader

You should install the adobe pdf reader. It is the most useful software for pc or laptop. It is easily available on their website free of cost. It has a very simple installation process. It is used for a long time for pdf reader.

Download: Adobe reader

Remote Access – Anydesk / Teamviewer


People have a problem anytime anywhere. There is nothing to deal with phone support so anydesk is that tool which provides remoter access to your pc or laptop from anywhere in the world. It has also a small size of the file and easy installation method.

Download: Anydesk 

Team viewer
Team viewer

Team viewer is another type of remote access tool. It is more secure than other remote access tools.

Download: Teamviewer

Audio-video conferencing – skype / zoom


Skype is an audio-video application that provides video chat and voice calls one pc to another pc, one mobile device to another mobile through a telecommunication network. It is made for office used for video conference, nowadays it is used for all types of work.

Download: Skype



Zoom is popular in 2020 because of easy to used and simple design. Due to the covid-19 sutation it is vastly used by many people for their office work.

Download: zoom

Recover – Recuva


It is the recovery tool. If you mistaking delete any file then it can recover any type of file easily and the short period of time.

Download: Recuva

Torrent  – Utorrent


It is the best torrent download application for free.

Download: Utorrent

Driver – driver pack solution

driver pack solution
driver pack solution

If you don’t know about driver installation then this is the best tool for your pc to find out the best driver installation.

Download: Driver pack solution

Music Player – Musicbee / Aimp


Musicbee is the best audio player for free to use.

Download: MusicBee



Aimp is also another type of music player for your pc free of cost. It supports all types of audio format.

Download: AIMP

Cache Clear – Ccleaner


Ccleaner is the best utility software free to use. It cleans cache in your pc and runs your computer smoothly. It can also scan your pc for any unwanted file and delete it. so you can download this software for cache clear and better for your pc health.

Download: Ccleaner

Text Editor – notepad / subline text editor


Notepad ++ is the best text editor for a programmer and other software developers. It decodes all the text and makes the task easier. It is free to download software and very useful for the IT users.

Download: Notepad++

subline text editor
subline text editor

A subline text editor is another powerful tool for programming language. It supports all types of programming language for coding and debugging.


Download: Subline text editor

Mail – outlook / Gmail 


Microsoft Outlook is made by Microsoft Corporation. This software helps to maintain daily tasks like calendar and meeting schedules.

Download: Microsoft Outlook


Gmail is made by Google. It is simple and easy to use for mailing purposes. Most of the people used Gmail for personal and official purposes.

Download: Gmail

Uninstaller – Iobot


It is used to delete unwanted software from your pc. It is free.

Download: Iobit uninstaller

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