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Now wire earphone is replaced with technology, It’s the time for the best wireless earbuds in Nepal to use. Today, most people prefer to go wireless over wired because it is easy and convenient to use. And, earphones are not an exception.
Its time to change with technology. with the scope of apple earbuds, many other companies also made the earbud for better usability and durability.

In this blog, we have discussed the top 5 best wireless earbuds in the Nepali market. This content shows the best of the best earbuds in Nepal with price range and specification.

Top 5 Earbuds to buy in Nepal

5. OPPO Enco Free TWS Earbuds

Enco Free buds

The Enco Free is OPPO’s first attempt in the TWS earbuds. Launched at the best price in Nepal, This is the best option for wireless earbuds in Nepal. with the 13.4mm driver, it provides the best sound quality in oppo series. it has 5 hours of music time with 50% volume and 25 hours backup with charging case. it has 31 mAh battery capacity and 410 mAh with power case. Enco Free will fully charge in 70 minutes of earbud and 110 minutes with the case.
Enco Free has 5.0V of Bluetooth connectivity support. It has IPx4 rating water resistance. it comes with a white, black, and pink color variation.

Price in Nepal: Rs 9,999

4. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Samsung Galaxy buds plus is the best wireless earbuds of Samsung in Nepal. The earbud is to listen to music or answering calls after connecting to your devices while doing any activities.
Samsung earbud has 6.3 grams weight and 39.6 grams of charging case. It has an accelerometer, IR, Hall, touch sensor included in these earbuds. it supports a 5.0 version of Bluetooth connectivity. It has 85 mah battery capacity in each bud so it has more playtime capacity which supports up to 11hr of playtime and 22 hours with case battery backup. It supports the type-c port for charging. It also supports wireless charges. It is available in 3 clours with black, blue and white.

Price in Nepal: Rs 17,000

3. Huawei Freebuds 3

Huawei earbud

Huawei is the world’s largest manufacturer of IoT devices. Free buds 3 is the great set of earbuds of Huawei.
Free buds 3 has a 14.2 mm dynamic driver include Huawei kirin A1 processor. It has 4 Hours of music talk time and 20 hours with charging case. It takes 1 hour charging time for earbuds and 1 hour for a case. It has 30 mAh battery capacity in each bud and 410 mAh in power case. It supports 5.1 version of Bluetooth connectivity. It is also available in 3 color ceramic white, carbon black, and red.

Price in Nepal: Rs 20,900

2. Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Earbuds

sony airbuds
sony airbuds

The next wireless bud is Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Earbuds. sony is the topmost seller of audio products. sony is the greatest manufacture of audio devices in the world. Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Earbuds is the best true wireless earbuds of sony product and best TWS in the Nepali Market.
Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Earbuds has a 24-inch dome type driver with a QN1e processor. It has 6 hours to 8 Hour music time with 1.5 hours of battery charging time for earbuds and 3.5-hour charging time for a case. It supports the type-c charger.

Price in Nepal: Rs 34,500

1. Apple Earbuds Pro

Apple earbuds
Apple earbuds

On top of our list, Apple Airpods pro is the best earbuds available in Nepal as well as the world. It is the next generation earbuds available in the market. No one can beat these earbuds in this era.
Apple Airpods pro has 1.22 X 0.86 X 0.94 inch (HWD) dimension of earbuds with 5.5 grams and 1.78 X 2.39 X 0.85 inch (HWD) dimension of charging case with 45.6 gram. It has an H1-based chip in the package. It includes dual beamforming mics, inward-facing mic, dual optical sensors, motion-detecting accelerometer, force sensor, speech-detecting accelerometer sensor. It supports 5.o version of Bluetooth connectivity. It has IPx4 rating sweat and water resistance. earbuds have 4.5 hours battery backup and the case has 24 hours battery backup capacity.

Price in Nepal: Rs 38,500


Top 5 best wireless earbuds in Nepal

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